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Ludek Stoklasa aka Spiker is young music composer and performer from Central Europe (Czech Republic) composing mostly instrumental chill-out music. He was born in 1982 and begun with music composition in 1998 once his equipment and software made it possible. He released his first promo CD in 2001. Spiker has been performing live chill-out acts in Europe, e.g. Roxy - Prague (CZ), Abaton - Prague (CZ), Cerna Louka - Ostrava (CZ), Zblizenia - Plock (PL).

Being drummer, he found several other musicians to contribute to album releases Free Time Day (2003) and Aurora (2009), including Milan Student (guitarist) and Renata Plevakova (singer and lyricist). His music is being played on major chill-out radio stations (M2 Chillout, Jango, Radio Nadaje, Sofaspace, RadioIndy , etc.). The latest Spiker's release is the album Aurora which is available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and many others music stores. If you want to see what others think about Spiker's music or if you want to leave a comment, go here.

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